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What information do we collect?

The information that is collected is the information shared by you on the website and the services available. Further, email IDs will be used to share newsletters and other promotional content. The details that will be collected by us are your name, email ID, address, and phone number.
What do we use your information for?

Any information that has been collected by the company will be used in the following ways:
To respond to your needs as requested.
To ensure that customer service standards are met.
To process transactions.
The information collected by us will not be sold, exchanged, or transferred to any other company.
The email address shared will be used to share promotional content, surveys, and other additional information, which would include company updates and service information.

How do we protect your information?
Your information shared with us will be taken seriously as we understand the importance of maintaining privacy. Our website is secure, and all information transmitted with SSL technology has encrypted gateways that protect any security concerns.

Do we use cookies?
Yes, we do use cookies to assist in the process of remembering preferences. If you do not wish to avail yourself of this option, you can turn off cookies and make the necessary changes as required in the browser settings.

Other information
We do not disclose client information to other companies, and there will be no transfers of information to other outside parties.
We might offer third-party services and products, but your information will not be shared with any entity outside the company.
There will be no prior notice provided to the clients before changes and modifications are made to the privacy policy.