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RUNMUS Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo, RGB Wired Gaming Keyboard with Comfortable Wrist Rest,


【Multi-media Keys and Anti-ghosting Function】This gaming keyboard has 25 conflict-free keys, 10 multimedia shortcuts, and 12 FN combination keys (FN+F1~F12) to provide better gaming and work using experience, save time, Increase fault tolerance and improve efficiency.

【Abundant Customized LED Effect】The light effect of this gaming keyboard is fully customized. You can change the light of each area. 7 RGB effects, 4 light modes, 5 brightness levels, 3 breathing speeds, all these create a cool gaming state. And the letter on the keycap is clear in the dark environment. The light is bright and soft, will not hurt your eyes and make your eyes tired.

【6400 DPI Programmable Gaming Mouse】The gaming keyboard has 6400 adjustable DPI, which means it is suitable for work and various games, even for FPS enthusiasts who need high DPI. The programmable design is greatly useful for the gamer who needs to execute complex actions in a second. And the side buttons of the gaming mouse can reduce hand movement when you browse the website.

【Long Operating Life】When using this gaming keyboard and mouse combo, you can type and play games easily because the pressure the key and button need is small than the usual keyboard and mouse. The operating life of this combo is long enough, it can be used for at least 24 months.

【Well Compatible with Multi-platform】The gaming keyboard and mouse are well compatible with various systems, including Windows 10/ Windows 8/ Windows 7/ Windows Vista/ Windows XP(32-bit).

Product Information:

The RUNMUS keyboard and mouse combo are favored by its abundant backlit effect and free customization.

Users can achieve a fully customized RGB backlit effect through pressing “FN+F1/F2/F3/F4/F5” (need to press “FN+pageup” to enter edit mode) and press again when finished. In this way, you can set the light in five areas of the keyboard.

The customization of the mouse is set in the driver. In the driver, you can change the buttons’ function, backlit effect, default DPI of each gear, and edit the macro of each button.

As a device for gaming, the “win” key is lockable to avoid touching mistakenly while playing in the game. Certainly, the gaming keyboard and mouse combo have through the click life test successfully.

Technical Specifications:

G20 Keyboard:

Model: G20

Operating temperature: 0 to + 55 ℃

Storage temperature: -20°C to + 60°C

Operating voltage: +5V±0.5V

Working current: 200mA MAX..

Cable length: 1650mm±30mm

Certification: CE/FCC


Model: CW902

Interface type: USB

Outer material: ABS

Operating voltage: +4.4V to 5.25VDC

Weight: 131g

Size: 125*76*41mm

Cable length: 1800mm

Engine type: Optical

Max DPI: 6400

  • Multi-media Keys and Anti-ghosting Function
  • Abundant Customized LED Effect
  • 6400 DPI Programmable Gaming Mouse
  • The Operating Life of This Combo is Long Enough
  • Well Compatible with Multi-platform